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  •   Burlap Tack Boards     Velcro Cork Tack Boards     Framed Fabric Tack Boards   White & Natural Cork Tackboards       Multiple Velcro Fabric Cork Boards Butted together.
    Built to any shape-shape Custom Tack Boards in 60 burlap fabric colors. Interior frame.
    Any size Tack Boards in 100 Velcro® fabric olors. Tacks or Velcoins®. Interior Frame.
    Aluminum framed Thumb Tackboards with Burlap or Vinyl or Velcro Fabric surface.
    Wood or aluminum framed colored cork or natural Cork Tack Board.
    Tacks or Velcoins®. Graphics printed by in house art dept. on Fabric Tack Board Wall.
          Forbo Forbo Tackboard   Natural Cork Tack Boards         Speacialty Tacxk Boards       Rolling Tack Boards           Rolling Cork Tackboards     Enclosed  Tackboard    
    Silver or black framed, durable, light fast, Forbo Tack Boards in 15 colors built to any size.
    Anodized Aluminum framed Tack Board with Natural Cork surface.
    Cork Dart Boards & Game Tackboards custom built.
    Velcro® Fabric Cork Tack Boards on legs & wheels in 100 colors.
    Reversible, Natural Cork Tack Boards.
    Covered Large Tack Board & Directory Boards. In - Outdoors!
    Fabric Cork Board Room Partitions   Combination Boards     Largte Tack Boards with Velcreo fabric surface.     Individual Velcro Fabric Cork Boards           Corkboard & Dry Ersae Board Cabinet               Rolls, Skins and Sheets of Cork and Forbo        
    Velcro® or Burlap fabric Tackboard walls with folding metal hinges.
    Framed Magnetic Dry Erase Boards & Fabric Tack Board combinations..
    Multiple custom Tack Boards butt together to form large Tack Board Walls.
    Indiividual, portable Fabric Tack Boards in 100 Velcro® loop colors.
    Magnetic, White Board & Cork Tack Board, hinged doors.
    Cork Tackboard & colorful Forbo Skins & Rolls.
    Large Tackboards Custom Built To Order, Any Shape or Size, Tack boards With Vinyl, Burlap or Velcro® Fabric & Natural Cork & Are Aluminum Framed or Unframed. Tack Board Butts Together To Create Infinitely Large Tack Board Walls!

    Large Tack Boards & Walls custom built to orde with tackboards,come any size or shape, in 100 COLORS of Burlap Fabric, Velcro Loop Fabric, Vinyl Fabric or Natural Cork surface! We bond fabric to tack board surface, wrap it over edges around over to back for a designer, modern, large tack board wall. Velcro® fabric & Burlap, Custom Tack Boards with interior frame are built to order, in our USA, Brooklyn, NY factory. Manufactured ANY SIZE or shape or color. Use tacks, Velcoins® or staples. Back your graphics and literature with Velcoins® and stick to the surface of your Large Tack Board Wall. Beautify worn walls with sculptural, color field, cork or fabric tack boards that efficiently functionally organize your space!

    Large TackBoard installs easily with screws or Velcoins® adhesive tape in minutes. Installation with Interior frame is easy with screws. Excellent acoustic qualities of custom tack boards absorb noise!

    Aluminum framed Tack Boards are a more traditional tackboard with excellent resiliency and tackability. Anodized aluminum trim has a 7/8" profile with hairline mitered corners. Also see DRY ERASE BOARDS that are perfect for school class rooms and conference rooms!

    Most Tackboards ship out in five to ten business days with rush services available. See All Bulletin Boards, Gallery, Request Swatches or for in house art dept. to design and print your Graphics, contact our experienced staff. ORDER FORM

    ORDER FORM Orders ship out within 5-12 business days or sooner with frush services. Call or Request Swatches, or email NorthSculpture@gmail.com
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    Large Tack Boards Are Custom Built, Perfect Versatile Large Tack Board Walls by North Sculpture Compan

    Versatile, custom tack boards are a caringly built tackboard in our Brooklyn, New York factory with a meticulous attention to detail and quality. Our custom tack boards are just what will help you organize your space! Few companies offer a large tack board in the diverse styles and color selections that we stock for burlap and Velcro® fabric surfaces. We industrially bond the fabric and wrap it over the edges, with no seems, around to the back of our large tack board. This gives the versatility to use tacks, staples and Velcoins® all at the same time to your large tack board. Need a natural cork board for your large tack board with an interior frame in a huge selection of sizes? North Sculpture Bulletin Boards and custom tack boards have exactly what you need! Our framed Tack boards are elegant, form following function and easy to use. Your tack board can be order framed or unframed.

    Need a Modern Large Tack Board Wall?

    Fabric cork boards and custom tack boards have a modern, designer look that is based on the aesthetics of color field sculptures in many art museums around the world. Not only does your large tack board and cork boards look great, but the burlap or Velcro® fabric covering the cork board, substrate, baffles sound and absorbs noise. So if you have echoing sound in your office, an extra large tack board is the perfect solution. And your cork board wall, perfect custom tack boards with their wonderful acoustic qualities and beautiful good looks is efficiently functional to help organize your space. If a shortage of wall space is constraining your style, one of our, rrolling tack boards on legs and wheels is just what you will need.

    The Best Way to Order Your Tack Boards or Tackboard Wall

    Measure the dimensions, length by width for your new tack board and phone, email or use ORDER FORM and we will construct your tack board to your specs. For pricing purposes of sizes not listed for your large tack boards, please round off to the next larger size on our price chart. Or select onelarge tack board from the list of sizes and colors from the North Sculpture one stop Tack Boards web store. If you have trouble imaging the size of your tackboard, build a mockup out of card board to see the actual proportions of how your unframed or framed or tack board will look. For different colors, check our online swatch chart or request swatches of burlap or Velcro loop fabric that will be bonded to the surface of your tack boards. Call our toll free number, (800)791-1819 and our expert sales people will help you with your tackboard or thumb tack board project!