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    Forbo Bulletin Board. Framed, Forbo Cork Board. Forbo Bulletin Board features colorful and durable Forbo Cork Board linoleum, made with natural linseed oil, granulated cork, rosin binders, and dry pigments. The natural self-sanitizing quality of linoleum Forbo TackBoard using Forbo Bulletin Board inhibits contaminants for a low maintenance Forbo Bulletin Board. Surface is self-healing and colored throughout to ensure colorfastness and eliminate fading. Forbo Bulletin Board features a standard anodized aluminum trim with hairline mitered corners. Any color of owder coated trim available at an upcharge. Ten year limited warranty on Forbo TacdkBoard. Manufactured in the US of foreign and domestic materials. Has achieved GREENGUARD GOLD Certification for your Forbo Wall.
    Forbo Bulletin Board Linoleum, consists of natural linseed oil, granulated cork, rosin binders, & dry pigments. Self-healing, & colored throughout, self-sanitizing inhibits contaminants, & provides sound & shock absorbency for Forbo Tack Boards using colored cork. Resurface existing board surfaces. Forbo Bulletin Board ships in 15 biz days.
    .25" thick Colored Forbo Tackboard is permanently adhered to .25" layer of durable and moisture- resistant MDF. Linoleum, consisting of natural linseed oil, granulated cork, rosin binders, and dry pigments. Forbo bulletin boards are Self-healing, & colored cork throughout, and provides sound- absorbency. Forbo Bulletin Boards ship in 15 biz days.
    Forbo Bulletin Board colors
    Buy Forbo Bulletin Board using Forbo Cork Board, Colored Cork, Tackboard - Any Size - Shape In 15 Colors. Ships out in 5-10 business days. See ORDER FORM, ALL BULLETIN BOARDS, Gallery, or for in house art dept. to design and print your Graphics, contact our experienced staff.  
    ORDER FORM Forbo TackBoard using colored cork ship out within 5-15 business days or sooner.. Call or Request Swatches, or email NorthSculpture@gmail.com
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    Forbo Bulletin Board Using Forbo Cork Board - Any Size - Shape In 15 Colors. Featuring Forbo Cork Board. Framed & Unframed. Skins & Sheets. Factory Dir. - ForboTackBoard is Versatile and Visually Stunning Colored Cork Board.

    Perfect Forbo Tack Board using colored cork for your Forbo Wall - Any Size - Shape in 15 colors - will liven up the space of your office or home! And will help you organize your space. Colorful Forbo Board and Forbo Tack board with it's 15 colors will match any wall paint or over-all color scheme that you have. Yes using Forbo Bulletin Board is an efficient way to accomplish more work while making your life much easier. A Forbo Cork board is a linoleum composite that easily takes tacks and staples. You can be very confident that Forbo Cork Boards will keep your tack secure once you have inserted it into the surface. The wide range of colors will make it easy for you to select the Forbo Tack Boards that will work best with your Forbo Wall environment. Tack Boards Using Colored Cork - Any Size - Shape In 20 Colors. Featuring Colored Cork Board. Framed & Unframed. Skins & Sheets. Factory Dir.!

    Choosing your ideal Forbo Board for you Forbo wall covering is simple. Determine which wall where you would like hang your Forbo Bulletin Board. Then determine the size, the length and the width that will work best on your wall. Decide the color composition of the room and which, out of the Forbo Cork Board colors will fit. Forbo Cork Boards when their color matches well with overall color scheme of the room it will be hung in. The size and overall dimensions will effect how the colors will match up to your rooms decor. So select your Forbo tack Boards with this in mind!

    Your Forbo Tack Board using colored Forbo cork board will last many years into the future with it's durable linoleum core and beautiful colored surface! Quality and meticulous construction, buy a Forbo Wall Covering and Bulletin Board Forbo Using Colored Cork - Any Size - Shape In 15 Colors. Featuring Colored Forbo Board. Framed & Unframed. Skins & Sheets. Factory Dir.! Your Forbo Wall Covering as a Forbo Tack Board will serve you well.