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  • Hanging Velcro fabric bulletin boards and cork tack boards with interior frame is easy with the board's built in interior frame-armature. An air space in back leaves room for two horizontal, 1x2" wooden ferring strips for installation, also acting as a beneficial acoustic quality. Measure your ferring strips and screw into wall. Slide your fabric wall panel over flush against the wall and screw two screws into each ferring strip through the top and bottom edges of panel. Board will not be able to slide away. This type of installation only takes a couple of screws that are unable to be seen. This is different from installation of tackboards without interior frame, because the edges are not thick enough to screw into. Installation of Velcro tack boards with interior frame will make your boards as strong as the wall with very little impact on the wall.
    Velcro Wall Panel Installation Diagram
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