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    Platinum, Aluminum framed Rolling Bulletin Boards with Natural Cork. Reversible with locking wheels. Durable Rolling Cork Boards. Perfect standing, mobile boards.
    Aluminum framed Standing Rolling Bulletin Boards. Mobile Boards with Magnetic, Dry Erase, Marker Board surface. Efficiently functional Rolling Bulletin Board!
    Aluminum or Oak Framed Rolling Bulletin
    Boards with Dry Erase Marker Board surface. Dynamic Mobile Boards. Perfect Mobile Board!
    Rolling Cork Board
    Rolling Cork Board Deluxe Rolling Cork Board Deluxe Black Rollin Bulletin Boards Rolling Bulletin Boards
    Rolling Bulletin Boards with Natural Cork. Reversible with locking wheels. Rolling Cork Board with Aluminum or Oak Wood frames. Versatile Rolling Cork Boards!
    Rolling Cork Board in 100 colors of Velcro® Loop Fabric on legs & wheels. Use tacks or
    ®. Rolling Cork Boards built any size or shape. Verticle or horizontal mobile boards! All Rolling Cork Boards are also available with 60 colors of Burlap Fabric.
    Rolling Cork Boards Are Reversible, Moveable Rolling Bulletin Boards With Marker Board or Rolling Cork Board That Conveniently Stores Flat When Wall Space Is Unavailable, Double Sided Rolling Cork Board Gives You Twice The Space!
    Rooling Velcro Bulletin Boards Pricing

    Rolling Bulletin Boards built ANY SIZE or shape. Standing bulletin boards that can be configured vertically or horizontally if requested. Or order rolling cork boards with two standing bulletin boards stacked one over the other to form a flat wall, rolling cork board on wheels. Your rolling cork boards conveniently unbolt from legs, to store flat or can hang on the wall without legs giving rolling cork boards tremendous versatility. 100 COLORS of vibrant Velcro® loop fabric or Burlap Fabric is securely bonded to Luan plywood layer with or with out an interior cork layer, wrapped over edges around to back of rolling cork boards. Supported by 1 1/2" square black steel tubing, manufactured from heavy gauge steel. Mobile Board height is 78" in the horizontal rolling bulletin board position.

    PLATINUM Free Rollling Bulletin Boards - Dry Erase, White Boards on both sides or Rolling Cork Board on the other side. Mobile Boards are reversible, Rolling Dry Erase Boards and Rolling Cork Boards. Trimmed with modern anodized aluminum, rotates 360° on a pivot hinge, and locks into place with the turn of a knob. Wide base design for stability includes molded bumpers to protect walls, and 3" locking casters on your rolling cork boards.

    DELUXE Reversible Rolling Bulletin Boards available with cork on both sides or dry erase and a larger assortment of sizes. Wood or aluminum framed rolling bulletin board. Easily set up and a great bang for your Rolling Cork Board dollar.

    Rolling Cork Boards ship out in 5-12 business days or rush delivery. See More Bulletin Boards, Gallery, Request Swatches or for in house art dept. and rush services contact our experienced staff. ORDER FORM

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    Rolling Cork Boards, Mobile Boards & Rolling Bulletin Boards with Dry Erase Boards - Perfect Free Rolling Bulletin Boards With Wheels

    North Sculpture Company in Brooklyn, NY, meticulously manufactures your rolling bulletin boards and rolling cork boards. Heavy duty steel legs support your standing rolling  bulletin boards that offer them a stabile durable platform. They easily unbolt as rolling bulletin boards with legs, conveniently in minutes, to become individual mobile boards and legs so that they can be stored flat in a closet. Separated panels can also be used to hang on the wall without their legs. Simply screw in a couple of eyelets to the separated mobile boards and hang on the wall or hang from the ceiling. This added feature gives your rolling cork boards tremendous versatility. Another special feature of the rolling cork boards with legs is their plush Velcro loop fabric surface that is industrially bonded on to the rolling bulletin boards. This gives you the option to order your free standing rolling bulletin boards in over 100 colors! The Velcro loop fabric surface is a smooth nylon surface that will never fray. Your rolling cork boards, Velcro surface is only obvious when you put the hook side of the Velcro on to it. Along with push pins, tacks and staples, also use Velcoins on the back of the materials to Velcro to the surface of your mobile boards with cork. If you need your rolling bulletin boards with a natural cork surface or dry erase board surface, they are also available. Your standing bulletin boards will match perfectly with the decor of your room. Have meeting that requires a presentation coming up? Your rolling cork board is an ideal way to exhibit graphics and literature. And the option of using pushpins, staples or Velcro makes them very versatile when needing to concentrate on the message you are communicating. Mobile rolling bulletin boards are also a perfect teaching tool in the classroom or at any meeting or presentation. They easily wheel from classroom to the next, allowing teachers to share their standing rolling cork boards with wheels. This helps with your budget constraints while still utilizing your modern portable rolling bulletin board with wheels to communicate the information you need to. Your free standing rolling cork board with legs ships out to you within five seven business days and we can give an exact day for when they will ship. This way you will know exactly what day your rolling bulletin board will arrive. Another added feature of our rolling bulletin boards is that the panel can be installed vertically or horizontally between the legs. Just let us know when ordering your rolling bulletin boards and we will add the necessary hardware. This option comes in handy when you need to give a variety of different presentations with your rolling cork board. Your rolling cork board will then be higher then the standard 78 inches tall when they are in the horizontal mode. Also the option to order your mobile boards with or without wheels will allow you to save money if wheels are not necessary in your application.

    Here at North Sculpture Company in New York City, we try to make your experience buying portable bulletin boards with legs one that will offer everything you need at low prices. From Rolling White Boards & Rolling Dry Erase Boards and all sorts of Cork Boards we are your one stop shopping center. We are leading manufacturer of portable rolling bulletin boards with legs in North America. Quality rolling cork boards built to last by American workers in the USA! There aren't more versatile and durable rolling bulletin boards with legs on the market today. Give our experienced sales staff a call or check the specifications and pricing of our wide variety of rolling cork boards. Also, if you are needing a size that is not listed on our price sheet of a portable bulletin board with legs, simply round off to the next largest size for pricing purposes only. We will build your rolling cork boards to the exact size and shape that you need. We aim to please at our Brooklyn, NY shop. We can make many changes or tweaks that you may need to your free standing bulletin boards with wheels. We will be happy to make any that you need to your roling corkboards and usually without changing the original low price. We are constantly looking for new ways to make your rolling corkboards a better product!.