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    Any size-shape, bulletin board wall panels in 100 colors built to order. Use tacks, or Velcro.
    Wide Variety of Standing Bulletin Boards. Velcro Fabric, Dry Erase & Cork Board Surfaces.
    Indiividual Boards. 100 Velcro Fabric colors. Presentation Boards on easels or in hand.
    Folding Room Divider Sreens and Room Partitions are ideal temporary walls that block sound and absorb noise.
    Dry Erase Boardsspacer Covered Tack Boardsspacer  Velcro Dart Boards and Game Boards spacer Portable Velcro walls that easily fold down into a carrying case.spacer TableTop Display Boards
    Marker Boards are perfect magnetic, White Boards.
    Enclosed Bulletin Board. Ideal Notice Boards for Indoor or Outdoor.
    Dart Boards & Game Boards custom built
    with Velcro
    ® Fabric.
    Portable Folding Display Walls. Display boards fold into carrying cases.
    Lightweight Tabletop
    Display Boards in 100
    Velcro Fabric colors.
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    North Sculpture Company offers Fabric Bulletin Boards, Cork Boards, Room Partitions & Room Dividers. 100 Colors, any size, factory direct from our Brooklyn, NY factory. Your cork bulletin board, Velcro® Brand, fabric bulletin board - wall panels, dry erase board and folding screen room partitions are meticulously built to any size and shape, exactly to your specifications and ship out within 5-12 business days. Rush services are available. For more ideas on how we can enhance your space or for installation of bulletin boards, see our gallery, articles or request info and swatches. Telephone (800)791-1819, (718)383-1909, (347)277-8103, email NorthSculpture@gmail.com for quotes, design consultations, pricing with unique sizes, free VELCRO® compatible fabric color swatches in over a hundred different colors, in-house art dept. for literature design and experienced sales team. Check our list of customers and their praises for our folding room partitions and fabric cork bulletin boards. We accept: American Express, Visa and Mastercard. Check links page.

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    Large Cork Boards, Fabric Bulletin Boards and Cork Bulletin Boards are Ideal Cork Board Walls

    Cork bulletin boards and fabric bulletin boards or any assortment of large cork boards are very effective ways to exhibit your message and all types of information for open view for the public, your students or anyone who needs to have information communicated to them. Corkboards are ideal fabric covered bulletin boards, perfect for posting, memos, artwork, posters, schedules, advertisements, news articles, graphics or photos. Fabric Bulletin Boards and Cork Bulletin Boards are attractive and effectively blend in to an assortment of many settings. When choosing Velcro® loop fabric colors for the purchase of your cork bulletin boards, select a color that is similar to the room back ground. Or you can select Fabric Bulletin Boards, cork board walls that can be a vibrant design statement similar to an artistic color field sculpture to be shown as your cork board walls. We build in our Brooklyn, NY factory, well built tackboards, extremely versatile that are used in churches, schools, offices, hospitals, warehouses, break rooms, restaurants or anywhere you want to exhibit information that is important onto your tack boards. Cork board walls make ideal school Bulletin Boards that are very useful in every class room. Your wall-mounted tack boards and cork boards are an elegant and efficient way to communicate information about ongoing events and the latest updates about daily life. Large cork boards as all of the fabric boards we produce are self-healing, on your wall. This durability allows fabric boards to be used for a long time. Push pin boards are perfect and utilitarian because the interior cork layer is completely self healing. The underlay is industrially bonded and cured between the Velcro® loop fabric and Luan plywood. Push pinboards that allow a combination of staples, thumb tacks, and yes even Velcoin® Fasteners will work. This gives them the qualities of Velcro® fabric covered bulletin boards as well as corkboards. And since North Sculpture Company builds to order, our custom bulletin boards can be produced any color, any size and shape. To find pricing of your cork board wall, check the price list on our website. If a size is not listed, round off your size to next largest on the chart. We will still will build your push pin boards to your exact specifications, where your fabric boards will fit perfectly in the space you have.

    Fabric covered bulletin boards, that mount on your walls are also known as classroom bulletin boards and are produced with a new innovation that keeps your fabric bulletin board solid and rigid and allows your board to attach to the wall with a couple of screws that will not be seen. This interior frame or armature is the unique feature that gives you that capability. Another feature of your cork bulletin boards is that updates of your literature and graphics can be made as many times as you like without having to detach your large cork boards from the wall in the room. Unlike other standard fabric bulletin boards with an interior, cork board wall, layer, the pushpin boards have a Velcro® loop fabric surface together with an underlying cork layer allowing you the best of both worlds. Use thumb tacks, pushpins or staples and Velcoins® which will make your cork boards perfect as school bulletin boards. Pushpin boards are wonderful information centers that keep your customers, students, employees and guests aware about news and the latest events. Cork bulletin boards broaden your target market by exposing walk-by customers to your advertising. Custom bulletin boards simply mount easily on the wall making installation with a screw gun simple. Tack boards will extend slightly from the wall, which makes them ideal for use in high traffic areas like foyers, hallways or lobbies. All of our cork bulletin boards have endless communication potential.

    North Sculpture fabric bulletin boards can be ordered with a surface layer of Velcro® loop fabric that is industrially adhered to interior cork boards underneath. Custom Bulletin Boards can be ordered in any shape or size, in any of 100 Velcro® loop colors. Light weight tack boards have large corkboards as an inside layer that gives ample amount of area for postings and messages to b e shown. Some of our fabric covered bulletin boards have interior natural cork boards inside that are designed for repeated tacking and stapling. Printed graphics can be adhered on the Velcro® loop fabric surface of your corkboards by using thumb tacks and push pins. Teachers like to use staples because of how easily and quickly they are adhere work tack boards. This makes it easy for teachers to use their classroom bulletin boards simply and quickly. Fabric covered bulletin boards with their underlying cork boards as the interior layer will firmly hold your graphics and literature on your fabric boards. This makes school bulletin boards that teachers prefer to use to quickly staple materials on to their fabric bulletin boards perfect. At North Sculpture Company we design and create numerous custom bulletin boards for ever level of education. Teachers and administrators like our school bulletin boards because of their versatility and often use them for classroom bulletin boards, in most cases when in need of large cork board walls. Though they are push pinboards, adhere materials with the Velcro® hook and loop system. Safer if you don't want your young children to get stuck with thumb tacks or pushpins. Using Velcoins® is the best solution that definitely works best for little kids where thumb tacks could be dangerous. So utilize the Velcro® fabric surface of your push pin boards so children are safe using classroom bulletin boards.

    Your exhibition needs will be statisfied with cork bulletin boards. You can use multiple different tackboards to communicate pertinent information. By incorporating corkboards as message centers, especially as classroom bulletin boards, people who need to update relevant postings in seconds keep their students, employees and guests enlightened and informed. Mounted as cork board walls, tack boards are indispensable posting systems. There are countless different styles and sizes of large cork boards to purchase from our online website. You can check our huge assortment of custom bulletin boards in many sizes offered at super low prices from our online store. We offer the lowest prices on all types of corkboards, including fabric bulletin boards and rolling bulletin boards with wheels and legs. Select from a huge selection of large cork boards to blend with your decor. School bulletin boards, are perfect and efficient fabric boards to promote coordination of communication, productivity and informing the population in your institution, business or school. Vibrant tackboards will grab the attention of anyone to peruse what is exhibited on your fabric boards. Your fabric covered bulletin boards have eye catching surfaces that focuses attention of passers by! And when using Velcoins®, no one can see how your graphics and literature is adhered to your tackboards when they are covered with the Velcro loop fabric surface. And when using corkboards just as pinboards, if you use the very thin push pins, no one will see how your literature is hung as well. The very best places to hang Fabric Bulletin Boards and Cork Bulletin Boards: • Libraries, schools and universities for school bulletin boards. • Office buildings, information centers, hospitals and churches, showing large cork boards. • Cinemas, supermarkets, hotels and car dealerships where you need specific sizes of custom bulletin boards.• Fuse rooms, foyers, waiting rooms, lobbies and hallways. Cork bulletin boards are ideal for exhibiting different messages and posters. Look through our selection cork bulletin boards to find corkboards that are idel lfor your location. Our pin boards are constantly inspected with our expert quality control staff to ensure that cork bulletin boards meet every high standard of your quality expectations. Buy push pin boards at our very low prices from our online super store. North Sculpture Company is a long time proven leader in push pinboards industry and will continue to develop in the changing universe of the technological demands while serving you the buyer in both business and residential. Many years of our experience noticeably shows our constant determination to be the number one business manufacturing tackboards and continues offering quality cork boards and fabric boards and full line of support accompanying them for all customers. Our push pinboards are the very best with the highest quality offered today. None of our competitors can come any where near to the high standards of quality, super low prices and excellent service. Thanks for shopping withy us and enjoy our fabric covered bulletin boards, bought from our online super store, we appreciate your business!

    Room Partitions, Folding Screens and Folding Room Dividers

    are perfect, practical, portable walls that are very efficient in dividing your dinning, living or bedroom space inside your studio apartment. Urban apartments tend to be more consolidated, so floor screens and folding room dividers are great to separate and define your living space to create privacy from less intimate areas. Use North Sculpture Company folding walls that are ideal room dividers to divide your environment. Use decorative and utilitarian, folding room dividers to accent your loft or divide your home office from the rest of your environment. Folding screens can also conceal private spaces from your clutter. Living rooms can use decorative folding room dividers to hide beds. Especially if you have a studio, use wall partitions to turn your space it into a one-bedroom apartment. Whether you need your living room, home office or bedroom divided, folding screens are ideal to define living areas by separating the room into partitioned areas to redirect foot traffic, for privacy and to decorate your space with art. Artistically speaking, folding walls are similar to free standing color field paintings or sculptures. With our surface layer of Velcro® loop fabric bonded to panels and wrapped over the edges, moveable walls have a modern designer look. We offer folding partitions that are available in any of over 100 Velcro® loop fabric colors that will give your room partitions the ability to blend in or stand out as an amazing design statement. We have a large selection of folding screen and folding room dividers at low prices. North Sculpture Company floor screens and portable room dividers are very cool room accents that also creates privacy and can also be used for commercial endeavors, like visual merchandising presentations, window displays, photo backdrops or even theme decorating for parties. Our huge variety of temporary walls are sturdy, well built and are attractive accessories that will define the function and theme of your environment. Folding partitions are offered in any of 100 Velcro® loop fabric colors. Portable room dividers can perfectly match the décor of your space. Is your office noisy with a lot of ambient noise? The fabric surface of our screen room dividers are great at absorbing noise and blocking sound with their acoustic sound proofing attributes. There is a layer of foam that is inside the fabric layer which is bonded on to the surface of our room divider screens. This is the secrete of their acoustic characteristics

    For the best of utilitarian and decorative worlds try our room divider screens that are efficient ways to organize your space. By dividing unrelated spaces from one another, folding room dividers are perfect! At the same time room divider screens add an artistic fare that will enhance the quality of your environment. Our folding walls offer you applications that will bring more efficiency and ease of living into your work space or home. When ever needed, use room divider screens and then when finished fold them down to conveniently store in a storage space or in a closet, an additional benefit that folding room dividers have . Unfold room divider screens in seconds to easily use when needed. Super easy to set up your floor screens because of their 360 degree folding metal hinges that allows your floor screens to fold around completely in both directions. And because screen room dividers are so light weight, position them where ever you want effortlessly! The purchase of your screen room dividers will be a valuable addition to the every day operation of your business. The manufacturing of your room partitions is meticulously crafted. Since we use 360 degree folding metal hinges that will never wear out, your temporary walls will last forever and will allow your screen dividers to be folded into any configuration that is needed. The many configurations you can move portable walls in allows it even to be folded into a column or a zigzag. Portable walls can even be folded into a room with temporary walls. Our portable room dividers are also perfect for a trade show, especially when a temporary room is required. Your screen dividers can be configured efficiently into four walls for a small temporary room with one of your screen room dividers using as wall that is also a door. Or if you need an exhibit that is a back wall, one of our moveable walls which is are screen dividers will be ideal to Velcro on literature, graphics and all sorts of presentation materials. North Sculpture Company, unique folding room dividers are ideal temporary walls for window display dressings also. Temporary walls are practical as bold banner pop up displays. Moveable walls can also be used near the counter of your retail store to enhance the store to entice potential customers for to buy more of your merchandise.

    Visual merchandising is made more effective and much easier with the addition of large bold functional, portable room dividers inside your store as retail props. There are countless themes to select from to decorate your room and many exciting designs that will enhance your store. With floor screen and folding partitions you can't go wrong. Portable walls the newest trend in retail marketing are the hottest tools today. Interior decorators prefer North Sculpture Company folding room dividers in their commercial venues. Countless themes to select from for boutiques and clothing stores include the many colors and sizes of our floor screens that will aid your store in it's seasonal sales. Using folding walls to exhibit photographs and art posters adhered with Velcoins® on to their surface will help sales for the summer, fall, winter and spring. The graphics and sales materials you use give emphasis to many different subjects that are adhered with Velcoins® on to moveable walls as backdrops. Your customers will not forget your store because of such compelling advertising signage. Room partitions are also perfect for concealing storage areas that are unsightly that normally would not be exposed to customers to view. Portable room dividers positioned in front of an unsightly storage will block it from sight and when the room partitions are no longer being used, they can be folded up and kept in a closet until needed next. If you are concerned how to create inexpensive window dressing exhibits, portable room dividers can be utilitarian, floor screens that visually compel your customers to purchase more goods. We stock a huge assortment of folding room dividers with low economical pricing. Searching for simple screen room dividers where the simplicity form follows function, we have room partitions that have a modern design look then any other folding screens on the market today. Our folding partitions are perfect portable room dividers for most all your requirements. We sell a large assortment of portable walls to fit your budget where wall partitions are needed. You can do it your way by selecting from a blank canvas of moveable walls. Select the dimensions, height and width of each individual panel of the screen dividers required, quantity of panels hinged together and color of Velcro® loop fabric surface. North Sculpture Company will produce your room divider screens to your exact specifications. Screen room dividers will transform your daily operations by affording the ability to compartmentalize and organize your environment for efficient operations. All you need are folding partitions in your space!

    Fabric Bulletin Board And Folding Room Partitions

    Whether you need a great place to display anything related to your business or family, or if you need to divide space so that rooms become more practical, we've got all the options. Available in a hundred dazzling colors, the fabric bulletin board and folding room partitions we offer are designed rugged and yet lightweight. These panels will make a statement of style and versatility in the modern office or home. Classroom bulletin boards bring student work or classroom themes to the forefront when you adorn these panels with colorful graphics, text or other decorations. Let's look at the fabric wall panel that incorporates Velcro technology to fasten items safely and securely. Used by schools, businesses and galleries around the world to display items for sale, education or decoration, they look great and really hold up, literally! Portable room dividers do much more than separate spaces. Use your imagination when applying them. Your specifications will be incorporated into the construction of these custom folding room dividers that add a dash of color. Folding walls are the designer choice for great-looking and functional interiors that increase productivity by creating a comfortable environment. Not only do these panels make your work or living area look fantastic, they also offer many features that you might not have thought of. Ease of storage means that you can hide our dividing units away when they're not in use. Flexibility means that you can apply everything we sell to a wide variety of tasks including retail displays as well as room decoration or configuration. Because of their construction and fabric exterior, our items are also used worldwide in sound dampening applications. Read our articles to information on the rest of our product line as well.