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Fabric Wall Panel Accessories


Brochure holders. lights, Velcoins and Velcro tape and carrying cases are also available to help efficiently organize and communicate your company's information with immediate impact and attention.

Brochure Holders

Brochures need to be immediately accessible. Order clear plastic brochure holders able to hold 8 1/2 11" or 4 x 7" brochures. Brochure holders conveniently velcro right on to your Velcro fabric wall panel with Velcro hook tape on the back of the plastic. Have your company's literature readily available to your visitors. Our clear plastic holders are ideal for the job and Velcro on and off conveniently to your fabric covered tack board as needed.

Halogen Arm Lights

Arm lights are an ideal method to illuminate your bulletin board. A couple of halogen arm lights that screw on to the top of your fabric cork board and hansg over via their extension arm, will direct light on to what ever section of your graphics that needs illumination. Ideal for low light environments and drawing attention to display.

Velcro Coins and Tape

Velcro on your graphics and photos with Velcoin fasteners. With an adhiesive back to stick on to the back of your visual material, they peel off of a 25 yard real. Velcro hook on one side and adhesive on the other. The universal principal that creates it's stickability is the syetem of hook and loop fastening materials. The exposed hook part of the Velcoin on the back of your graphic will adhere to the loop fabric on your tackboard. That is why Velcro is technically referred to as a hook and loop fastening system.

Carrying and Shipping Cases

Shipping and carrying cases to store your individual fabric covered tack board panels or graphics are perfect to keep them safe and sound. If you are using portable tack board panels, carrying cases are ideal for transporting them in and out of meetings and conferences.



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