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Fabric Bulletin Board Graphics

Print, laminate and back your graphics with Velcro hook. Clear, sharp and vibrant! We print with a high resolution ink jet process and laminate between titanium film making your graphics virtually indestructible and extremely light weight for ease of use. Or you can simply print out everything on your own printer and back them with 5/8" diameter Velcoins. That or simplly pushpin them to your custom fabric bulletin board.

Multi Colored Velcro Cork Bulletin Boards With Velcroed On Graphics

Create An Exciting Display, organize your visual material and show off your company's strong points in your office, conference room, lobby, showroom or shop. Design header titles to organize different groups of information or use different colored custom bulletin board panels, butted together during installation to section off different categories. Ideal for young children, School bulletin boards are perfect to inspire their imagination rearranging visual material without the use of worrisome and dangerous pushpins and tacks. Perfect for your home or work space, an office bulletin board is ideal for organizing information allowing you to work far more efficiently and live more peacefully.

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